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How will your business beat Covid-19?

Download now a 90-day production plan for a successful 2020 year!

It is a fact, business has slowed in recent months because of this pandemic. People are afraid to go ahead but understand that if you want to stay in business, you have to act now, develop your plan and head for a safe and profitable year.

With Royal LePage Du Quartier

We will help you

Money management

Manage your net money during this period, budgeting, transactions and your personal savings.


Boost your state of mind for a new normal.


Helping You Stay Responsible for a 90-Day Business Plan Created for Your Success.


Only at Royal LePage Du Quartier we stay positive, strong and constantly work on increasing our knowledge and strengthening our mindsets… nothing stops us from bettering ourselves. The team makes it easier for us especially during this Pandemic so we can be of better help and service to our trusted clients!

Mahtab Etminani

Real estate Broker - Since 2015